Associate or Start-up
May 24, 2020

Associate or Start-up

Johnny Reuter

Associate or Start-up

Week In Summary: May 18-24, 2020

If you read last weeks blog post, you know that we are beginning to drop new and fresh content on our social platforms, as well as these weekly blog postings. All of the content will continue to be relevant to chiropractic students and doctors, but we are on a mission to paint an even more beautiful, vivid, and tangible blueprint for you as you go along your chiropractic journey. No matter student or doctor, we want you to be as successful as you possibly can, and we want you to share your ride with us.

Our Weekly Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways

We started this at the beginning of May, and I hope you have been enjoying them so far. These are posts that we share for both chiropractic students, and doctors. Each month we cover one main topic for both demographics, for each main topic we come up with sub-topics to help make the main one more tangible and applicable for your life and where you are at in your chiropractic journey. We share four sub-topics related to the one main topic for chiropractic students at the beginning of the month and four sub-topics related to the one main topic for doctors at the end of the month. We make these posts on both Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday's and Friday's, and on Wednesday's and Saturday's I personally go Live in our Legendary Chiropractor free Facebook group and break them down even further for you while sharing some of my personal experiences.

This helps to keep our content extremely specific, and beneficial at the same time.

To keep you up to date, I will share with you this past weeks posts that are intended for chiropractic doctors, especially recent graduates.

May's Doctor Topic: Associateship or Start-up

Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways:

  1. Big Decision

When choosing to start your own practice or working as an associate, YOU need to make the decision based off what fits you and your goals best. What are some pros and cons of each?

  • Associating is safer with a low ceiling / Start-up is dangerous with high ceiling
  • Associating you feel a part of the team / Start-up you’re on your own
  • Associating you have a boss / Start-up you’re your own boss

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on making this big decision a little easier for you here.

  1. Pros & Cons

Comparing pros and cons is crucial when making the decision to associate or start-up on your own after graduating from chiropractic school. Find out what works best for you and your vision. Here’s our 3 to get you started:

  • Money is steady with associateship / infinite with start-up
  • Boss is mentor and guide in associateship / you are it with start-up
  • Marketing is offices brand, but learn a lot during associateship / start-up is from scratch and beginning your own brand

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on these pros and cons here.

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Legendary Offerings

In closing, we never want to leave you without a direct call to action. Something that literally has the potential to take your practice to the next level. Here at The Legendary Chiropractor we recently launched our brand-new job posting packages to help you gain the exposure you deserve when it comes to hiring your first or next best associate chiropractor.

We are known to be the associate experts, and with that comes great responsibility. We understand that you can post on school job boards all day long for free, but what value is that really serving you or the applicant? Because I can tell you that throughout my 3.5 years in the DC program, I never once thought about or knew about the job board that our school was running...

With that being said, I highly consider you check out our community job board, and post to it today! You will even be granted access to our Interested Applicant Center. The place where fellow legendary members reside that are actively searching for a position, and want to connect directly with you!

To post your job, click here now!

Until next week!

Stay legendary my friend,

Johnny at The Legendary Chiropractor