Finding Diversity and Value within Groups and Organizations for Chiropractic Students
August 9, 2020

Finding Diversity and Value within Groups and Organizations for Chiropractic Students

Johnny Reuter

Week In Summary: August 3-August 9, 2020

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This week in our Legendary Chiropractor free Facebook group we talked all about finding diversity, and value within chiropractic specific groups for chiropractic students. If you have not yet joined our free Facebook group... What are you waiting for? It is hottest chiropractic group out there for students and recent grads!

August's Student Topic: Group Involvement

Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways:

  1. Diversity

There’s a wide variety of groups that can help you strengthen multiple aspects of your craft, like the three listed below. Each are important to constantly sharpen and keep up-to-date on:

  1. Technique
  2. Business
  3. Personal development

Check out the video I made for you on diversity covering our three key takeaways above in our Legendary Chiro Free Group on Facebook!

  1. Value

School can get very busy, so time management is important. Joining the right clubs can be easier said than done and especially if you are short on time. Keep these three tips in mind when evaluating the clubs you are interested in:

  1. Open minded
  2. Find value
  3. You can join more than one

Be sure to watch the video I did on quality of groups here.

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