Introduction To The Legendary Chiropractor
January 26, 2019

Introduction To The Legendary Chiropractor

Johnny Reuter

Hi there!

My name is Johnny Reuter and I am a student at Life University in the Doctor of Chiropractic program. I have always been one to dive into ideas and come up with large visions of where that idea could possibly go and what it could do for others. I started The Legendary Chiropractor to help doctors of chiropractic as well as doctors-to-be with branding themselves, producing/creating desired content, and building a following, on top of all of the chiropractic science, art, and philosophy that we cannot forget about. Those first three things mentioned soon became what I like to call, ‘The Legendary Triad’ and I was off and running. I read a tremendous amount of books and articles on the subject of, not only entrepreneurship, but also how to grow, lead, and influence others in a way that will inspire them to do their best work.

The Legendary Chiropractor has been up and running for a few months to date on various social media platform. We have an amazing Facebook community, as well as a large and active Instagram following. I post content to the Facebook group page at least once a day, minus some weekends, and I am consistent with posting positive daily motivation on Instagram also. The sole purpose of The Legendary Chiropractor community is to be able to share, with those of us in the chiropractic profession and/or those of us working on getting there, the most valuable content that sets our profession apart from the rest of the healthcare system all while assisting you with starting or building out your own business venture.

On this website, I hope that you can find yourself enjoying all of the free content provided as well as enjoying our community we strive to have and create on our various social media platforms. If you ever want more, you can become a subscriber, or you can reach out anytime at and let us know what you would like to hear more about. It can pertain to any of our content heavy platforms (i.e. blogs, vlogs, social media, article reviews, podcasts, People with Passion interviews, etc.). We would love to hear from you, and do take your considerations to heart and try to apply action.

Thank you for reading and engaging with myself and The Legendary Chiropractor community.

In health,

Johnny Reuter - Founder