KIM Possible Lifestyle
April 5, 2020

KIM Possible Lifestyle

Johnny Reuter

The KIM Possible Lifestyle

As our theme for April is 360 degrees of wellness, not much is more fitting than talking about my old friend Kim Possible. In chiropractic school we were instructed to create and tailor a health talk to a specific audience and then actually deliver on it. I did my talk on wellness and spoke to a crowd of corporate workers.

During this discussion of health and wellness we kept it simple. We talked all about movement, nutrition, and thoughts. We did this through utilizing an acronym I created called the KIM Possible Lifestyle.

K: Kinesthetics

I: Ingestion

M: Mindfulness

Let's start with kinesthetics. This is movement, and the study of body movements and mechanics. If we are going to truly take care of ourselves, we must understand the importance of exercise and physical activity. Getting fresh oxygen in, Carbon Dioxide out. Raising blood pressure and heart rate in a healthy, yet appropriately stressful, manor.

Some argue that movement is life. Would you agree with that statement?

I know I do. The reason being is because when you move, and as you move more and more, you are able to turnover healthy and unhealthy nutrients, chemicals, and biochemical byproducts a heck of a lot faster than if you just sat in a vegetative and/or sedentary state. Now is the best time to commit to yourself and get moving! You have the time... we all do. Check out this Move At Home workout program that we put together for you here. The first 7-days are on us.

Second is ingestion. This is nutrition and digestion. The art of taking in food, vitamins, and minerals, processing them, taking what is needed and disposing what is not. Keep nutrition as simple as possible- we want to eat clean, whole, organic foods. Anything we can buy in the middle of a grocery store or in bulk and lasts for weeks to months is likely not going to be the best for us, our bodies, or easy on our digestive system. Nutrition can be as simple or as daunting as you want to make it. I choose to keep it simple, because I know the body takes simple foods and does extremely complex things with them that we should be very appreciative of. I want to give my body and digestive system solid building blocks to utilize and transform into energy, health, and overall vitality.

Third is mindfulness. This is your mind, thoughts, and emotions. Everything you think, say, and later do are all mental impulses first and foremost. You never want to interfere with those processes taking place. Therefore, I choose to keep my thoughts, emotions, and presentation of such to the rest of society as positive as possible. I do not believe that it is my job to add to the stress, angst, or sadness that is already out there. I also recognize that I should not feel responsible to cure all of those feelings for myself and others. I am not saying that it is a bad thing to feel those feelings. I know I do on occasion. However, I am asking you to think about what you are doing to recognize them, learn from them, control them, and come out of them a better person- not only for yourself, but everyone around you.

Chiropractic. Please note that all of the above factors of your life are interconnected to the health of your spine and nervous system. Living without neurological interference is a key aspect of 360 degrees of wellness and prevention. Who's you chiropractor? Have you ever seen one? Now would be a good time.

Possible. Life can be tough. Life can be tricky to navigate. However, when we have a belief that everything and anything is possible, we are more likely to chase our largest aspirations, dreams, and desires. Possibility exists in every scenario- good, bad, otherwise. It is your duty to seek it out if you want to achieve it.

Lifestyle. With a lifestyle, you have taken simple things in your life that you enjoyed, or did habitually (hopefully more good things than bad), and made them a part of your life. They say it takes 90-days to create a habit. I would agree with that, and up it to 120 days to embed something into your lifestyle. The reason being, this is not something that we are just doing to do. No, this is something that we are actively pursuing for 120 days and then the rest of our life thereafter.

With all of that being said, who is ready to step into their KIM Possible Lifestyle?

It is never too late or too early to seek out new habits, lifestyles, and everyday modifications that will inevitably make you a better, healthier, well-rounded person. This lifestyle begins your journey of 360 degrees of wellness, and are three great places to start- your physical, gut, and mental health.

Do great things and laugh a lot.

Stay legendary my friends,

Johnny at The Legendary Chiropractor

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