Opportunities and Post-graduation Preparation for Recent Graduates
July 19, 2020

Opportunities and Post-graduation Preparation for Recent Graduates

Johnny Reuter

Week In Summary: July 13-July 19, 2020

Couple of massive news and updates for you!

  1. We hit over 200 members here on our Legendary Chiro platform. Yes, you can join too if you are not a member yet! Sign-up here.
  2. We just created and already have over 100 students and recent grads in our free Facebook group, Interested Applicant Center, that are going to be or are actively looking for a chiropractic associateship. Hop in there if that is you!
  3. We are launching our brand new Job Posting Package page where you can sign-up now or upgrade your membership to post your available associateship opportunity today!
  4. Season 7 of our Facebook Live Show and Season 6 of our Audio Podcast will be beginning July 20th!! Catch up here: Video Interviews | Podcast

This week in our Legendary Chiropractor free Facebook group we talked all about opportunities, and preparation for recent chiropractic school graduates. If you have not yet joined our free Facebook group... What are you waiting for? It is hottest chiropractic group out there for students and recent grads!

July's Doctor Topic: Starting Your Journey

Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways:

  1. Opportunities

As a recent graduate and doctor of chiropractic, your next step is to start practicing. There are really major three options to choose from and we are happy to break them down for you:

  1. Associate
  2. Independent contractor
  3. Open up your own practice

Be sure to watch the Live video I did about opportunities in our Legendary Chiro Free Group on Facebook!

  1. Preparation

Now that your journey of being a student has come to an end, it’s time to start preparing for practice. These three tips will help you hit the ground running and towards the direction of success:

  1. Having coaches
  2. Set personal goals
  3. Have a routine

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on time management here.

Recent HOT Content

Video Interviews:

Season 6

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Legendary Offerings

For Doctors:

Here at The Legendary Chiropractor we recently launched our brand-new job posting packages to help you gain the exposure you deserve when it comes to hiring your first or next best associate chiropractor.

We are known to be the associate experts, and with that comes great responsibility. We understand that you can post on school job boards all day long for free, but what value is that really serving you or the applicant? Because I can tell you that throughout my 3.5 years in the DC program, I never once thought about or knew about the job board that our school was running...

With that being said, I highly consider you check out our community job board, and post to it today! You will even be granted access to our Interested Applicant Center. The place where fellow legendary members reside that are actively searching for a position, and want to connect directly with you!

To post your job, click here now!

Until next week!

Stay legendary my friend,

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