Planning and Goal Setting as a Chiropractic Student
June 7, 2020

Planning and Goal Setting as a Chiropractic Student

Johnny Reuter

Planning and Goal Setting as a Chiropractic Student

Week In Summary: June 1-7, 2020

June is officially upon us, and I want to be sure to personally welcome you to our weekly blog! These blogs are intended on providing the utmost value and tangible content that you could imagine for both chiropractic students as well as doctors.

At the beginning of May, we began posting our most useful content and resources to date.

These are posts that we share for both chiropractic students, and doctors. Each month we cover one main topic for both demographics, for each main topic we come up with sub-topics to help make the main one more tangible and applicable for your life and where you are at in your chiropractic journey.

We share four sub-topics related to the one main topic for chiropractic students at the beginning of the month and four sub-topics related to the one main topic for doctors at the end of the month. We make these posts on both Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday's and Friday's, and on Wednesday's and Saturday's I personally go Live in our Legendary Chiropractor free Facebook group and break them down even further for you while sharing some of my personal experiences.

This helps to keep our content extremely specific, and beneficial at the same time.

To keep you up to date, I will share with you this past weeks posts that are intended for chiropractic doctors, especially recent graduates.

June's Student Topic: Staying Accountable

Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways:

  1. Your Plan

Creating a plan early on as a student can help you stay accountable and maintain a positive mindset! Our key takeaways for you to begin applying today are:

  • Create a road map
  • Update and improve as you go
  • Have friends help keep you accountable

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on these various strengths seen here.

  1. Set Goals

Setting goals and having a plan to achieve them is a great recipe for success. As a new student or one that’s about to graduate, it’s never to late to start:

  • Keeps you accountable
  • Helps you succeed and achieve your goals
  • Your future patients deserve the best you

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on these benefits here.

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