Spring Ahead Into Action
March 8, 2020

Spring Ahead Into Action

Johnny Reuter

Spring Ahead Into Action

Many of us, including myself, do not enjoy this idea of ‘losing’ an hour of our sleep, and our day for that matter. However, it only makes me think to myself, “What was I doing with that hour that makes me so sad to see it go?” We still have 24-hours in the day… 

This got me thinking of a conversation I recently had with a fellow chiropractic student. We were discussing ‘formulas of success.’ You may be familiar with this idea that some think there is a formula for success and if everyone just did it they would be just as successful as the person who came before them and did it as well. You and I both know sitting here writing, and you reading this, that there is no true formula for success. However, there are steps you can take in order to place yourself in a better position to be successful compared to others around you.

This is what we came up with: Initiative + Implementation + Action = (some soft of) SUCCESS.

Now let’s break that down a bit further. 

The initiative piece is to cultivate a sense of learning. No matter if that is a desire to reach out to those that you don’t personally know but can help or you know are willing to help. This is also utilizing all of the free/paid content you have access to through the Internet. Taking initiative in your own life can be extremely beneficial, and empowering. If you reach out to someone you do not know and they are willing to help you out through offering resources to advance your progress along your unique journey, I would say that is a win and a step in the right direction. Taking initiative can be challenging in itself, but I encourage you to try it out this week sometime. Either reach out to someone and ask them to assist you, or find free resources that will benefit you just as much towards your next steps on whatever project or dream you have put aside due to ‘being too busy’ or what I like to call ‘lack of prioritization and commitment.’ Harsh, I know, but we have to stay real here ;)

Implementation, to me, would be applying what you have now gathered and will continue to gather from taking initiative. No matter if it is through various resources, references, and/or personal and professional relationships, you now have begun collecting the tools and equipment, sort of speak, to begin building. Implementation is the process and processes behind designing a blueprint of what you most desire. It can be as small or as large of a project as you wish it to be.

The last step of this formula is action. Action is what you actually do to advance what you learned and gathered during the initiative phase, and bringing the blueprint to life from the implementation phase. Action is the most common step, in my humble opinion, that gets overlooked and never accomplished by many. This is the step that is going to set you apart from the rest of the population out there that has all of the resources in front of them and has all of their tools, equipment, and blueprint ready to rock and roll, but they never act on it.

Therefore, with this formula comes many things, but the main ones are:

  1. What are you doing today to best prepare for tomorrow? Reach out to people, begin to gather your resources and references. Taking initiative is step one.
  2. What are you doing with all of the tools and equipment that you collect? Begin to implement what you have now learned and apply it to creating a blueprint of something beautiful and necessary for whatever market you are in.
  3. What are you doing to set yourself apart from the rest of society? Taking action is exactly what will immediately put you ahead of the majority of society. Everyone has great ideas. Everyone has great resources, references, tools, and equipment thanks to the Internet. However, it is the ones that utilize their resources and blueprint that make the most profound impact and are looked at by the rest of society as the successful ones. 

So my challenge for you starting today is to begin taking initiative. Reach out to people that might be able to help you achieve your greatest dreams and desires. Begin implementing what you learn from taking initiative. Start jotting down in a journal or a notebook about all of the different things you learn and how they are going to help you help others in a big time way. TAKE ACTION. Once you’ve done the research, reached out to others, utilized free content in whatever areas you’re most interested in, you’ve gathered all of your tools and equipment, and drawn out your blueprint to build something beautiful… actually do it!

Sticking with March’s theme of Hard Work and Luck- Those that take action and do, always seem to have far more luck than those that don’t.

Have faith in yourself, as I have faith in you! Your message, your idea, your dream is worthy of seeing the light of day and coming to fruition. Spring ahead into action! Recognize that you still have 24-hours in a day. What are you going to do with them to make this world, your profession, your life a better one?

Do great things and laugh a lot.

Stay legendary my friends,

Johnny at The Legendary Chiropractor