Success Requires Slowing Down
March 29, 2020

Success Requires Slowing Down

Success Requires Slowing Down

When was the last time you stopped or slowed down? 

When was the last time you stopped to really sit and be within your own thoughts and in the presence of your meticulous and miraculous mind? Have you stopped lately to make sure that everything you are doing is coherent with the life that you envision for yourself? 

It is easy for us to forget to stop and think coherently about where we want to go next. We are so used to living a hustle and bustle life of being a student, a professional, or any of the likewise. We forget how important it is to take an inventory of our own selves every now and then, to assure that we are on the path that is right for us. 

Right now, we have an opportunity. I do not want you to read this with a misconception that I am telling you how to spend this time during quarantine, because everyone’s experiences are unique to themselves. However, I am saying that you can take this moment as an opportunity to stop and ask yourself those questions and reconfigure a plan, if necessary, moving forward. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak for a brand new path to show up, right in front of us. 

Ask yourself.. 

  • Am I getting enough sleep? 
  • Are the foods I am eating fueling me or feuding with me? 
  • Am I drinking plenty of water? 
  • Am I getting adjusted? 
  • What kind of support system do I have around me? 
  • Am I being honest and upfront about what I want out of this life? 
  • Is my schedule too busy? Do I need to set something aside for the betterment of my well being, and those around me? 
  • Am I giving myself enough grace to accept where I am at and love where I am going? 
  • What will my role be as a citizen moving forward in this new normal

For me, these questions usually start with smaller, easier to answer prompts. Once you’ve successfully answered and reassessed the smaller portions of your life, looking at big picture stuff doesn’t seem so scary. Trust your instinct when you have an intuition that something isn’t right in your life. 

It’s okay to ask questions. 

It’s okay to want more for yourself and less from yourself. 

It’s okay to stop, it’s okay to slow down. 

As we navigate a new normal, take a moment to ask yourself these questions- or come up with your own. Remember to challenge yourself. This is a pivotal time in our lives. It can be as transformational as you allow it. All it takes is a moment. A single moment where you let everything else fall aside, and you care about what is on the inside. 

What does (insert your name here) want out of this life? 

Stop. Think about it. And then go get it. 

Stay weird, speak truth, love fully

Kylie at The Legendary Chiropractor