Updates and New Content You Can Expect
May 17, 2020

Updates and New Content You Can Expect

Johnny Reuter

Here at The Legendary Chiropractor we are about one main thing. That one thing is providing you with tangible resources and content to be the best future or current chiropractor you can be.

Becoming legendary chiropractors, together.

This is not an easy goal to consistently deliver on, nor is it one that we take lightly. We truly want to be your go-to one-stop shop for everything chiropractic, and as our team sat down and discussed what we could be doing to improve living up to such a task we realized there were some cross-platform consistency tweaks we had to make.

Therefore, I am writing to you in this blog post today to give you some updates in regards to what is to come, and how we are going to continually strive to keep our content and resources as consistent as possible and keep moving towards closing this gap between expectations and reality of this incredible chiropractic profession.

The new breakdown you can expect on a weekly basis coming in June, if not earlier, is going to be something along the lines of what you see and can enjoy below. We are going to be making our blogs extremely beneficial in regards to bringing you powerful content and tangible resources through what we share on social each week for The Legendary Chiropractor, but also recapping some things that we have been up to with our podcast, video interviews, Live takeaway breakdowns, trainings, personal news, etc.

Our Weekly Tips & Tricks

We started this at the beginning of May, and I hope you have been enjoying them so far. These are posts that we share for both chiropractic students, and doctors. Each month we cover one main topic for both demographics, for each main topic we come up with sub-topics to help make the main one more tangible and applicable for your life and where you are at in your chiropractic journey. We share four sub-topics related to the one main topic for chiropractic students at the beginning of the month and four sub-topics related to the one main topic for doctors at the end of the month. We make these posts on both Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday's and Friday's, and on Wednesday's and Saturday's I personally go Live in our Legendary Chiropractor free Facebook group and break them down even further for you while sharing some of my personal experiences.

This helps to keep our content extremely specific, and beneficial at the same time.

To keep you up to date, I will share with you all of our May posts so far for chiropractic students.

May's Student Topic: Beginning your chiropractic school journey

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Healthy Habits

Starting your career as a chiropractic student is an exciting experience!

To keep your excitement high and your stress low, especially in the beginning of your chiropractic school journey, we want to give you our top 3 healthy habits to form early in your career:

  • Study and review for classes an hour or two a night
  • Read 10-15 pages out of a book of your choosing not related to school per day
  • Learn what different techniques are out there within chiropractic

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on creating Healthy Habits early on in your chiropractic school journey here.

  1. Three Pillars

The three pillars are what sets chiropractic apart from any other profession and when they are all working together harmoniously, that’s when the power of chiropractic is fully expressed:

  • Philosophy
  • Science
  • Art

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on the Three Pillars of chiropractic here.

  1. Hands-on

Professionals take years to perfect their craft, and soon you’ll be in the same league as them. It’s never too early to start training your hands and it can be as simple as palpating a spine model under a towel or a friend’s spine as a study break. Here’s 3 reasons why we think it’s important and can help you get a head start:

  • The first step to adjusting is locating a subluxation
  • Getting fine proprioception takes time
  • Prepares you for student clinic before you get there

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on getting as Hands-on as much as possible early on in chiropractic school here.

  1. Mentors

The most successful people have mentors guiding and helping them along their journey. Choosing the right one can be difficult, check out the live chat and hear about how these three tips can help:

  • Mentors that best fit your values
  • In school for classes and study tips
  • For technique and philosophy

Be sure to check out the Live video I did on finding the right Mentors throughout chiropractic school here.

Our Most Recent HOT Content

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Last, but not least...

Some personal BIG news:

I have accepted an associateship position with Dr. Kendall Price at Aurora Chiropractic! I am beyond thrilled to be joining the team and begin serving the incredible community of Aurora, Illinois.

Until next week!

Stay legendary my friend,

Johnny at The Legendary Chiropractor