Your Perception Determines Your Reality
May 10, 2020

Your Perception Determines Your Reality

I am a dreamer.  I want to have my eggs in a lot of different baskets.  I want to travel the world, I want to see all of the people, I want to live my life as full and bright as I can.  Having a dream as big as I do, it is important for me to maintain a perception of my own self as someone who can achieve these kinds of dreams. 

As we progress further into the reality that we are currently experiencing, there are more obvious reasons to have doubt about our future.  But only if we believe that.  Only if we have that negative perception of the world.  If we can maintain a perception of the world as a place where you can succeed, and go after your dreams, then that is what will be possible.  Your perception determines your reality. 

Last week we talked about discovering your why.  This is part of the perception of your reality.  When your why aligns with your dreams and goals, the perception of your reality will reflect through the actions you take. 

There are many factors that determine your perception of the world around you and your own reality.  These factors have been instilled in you from a very young age, and they continue to shape the person you are becoming.  Every singular event that you have lived through, every trauma that you have endured, every friend that has turned their back on you, every road you have traveled, will determine the person you are today.  Having a discussion with my mother about perception and reality, she said something to me that will help determine my perception of reality. 

“You are not the person you think you are to everyone else around you.  You are their perception of you.”

It is very easy for people to live into a reality that has been determined by other people.  I found this statement so liberating, because that means that no matter what anyone says about you, or whatever has happened to you in your past, you are able to create the exact reality that you wish to.  If you have ever held back in your life because of something someone else has said, you are living into the perception that that person has created about you.  Doesn’t that concept seem silly to you?  Why would you live a life that is being determined by how someone else feels about you? 

My challenge to you this week is to get into the present moment.  Take back your power.  Create a perception of your life that is so undeniably attractive that you have no other choice but to go after it.  Realize that some of the habits you have created or projects that you haven't done might be due to what someone else says about you, or might have been determined from a past experience.  You don’t have to live into your traumas over and over again.  You can break free from the chains that you have shackled to yourself.  You can live into a new reality with a new perception, that you determine. 

Stay Weird, Speak Truth, Love Fully, 

Kylie at The Legendary Chiropractor