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“Had a great onboarding call with Johnny Reuter from The Legendary Chiropractor! Stoked to find another associate. Johnny does a great job listening to what type of practice you have and what you are looking for in an associate. Stoked to see who he is going to connect me with! Before ewe got off the call, he already had a potential person in mind. Take the plunge and sign up!”
Dr. Ben
Arkansas | Done-for-you package
“Johnny Reuter and The Legendary Chiropractor have it wired if you are looking for an associate. Had my onboarding call yesterday and already a potential lead. This guy is the real deal.”
Dr. Steven
New Jersey | Done-for-you package
“Thanks so much!  I love what you have created.  Excited to see who I can connect with. I am super passionate about helping new docs become successful.  We need more skilled loving hands in this world.”
Dr. Susan
Illinois | Plus package
“Johnny Reuter has this associate thing WIRED! So excited to get some FREEDOM back. His onboarding process… [speechless].”
Dr. Ryan
Arkansas | Done-for-you package
“Johnny Reuter has the attention of hundreds of students. Leveraging his platform is just a smart move. You have to cut through the static and be on the student’s radar. Johnny gives you the platform so you can end up on the students mobile device, promote yourself and your practice. Part of a comprehensive approach to attracting an associate.”
Dr. Larry
New Jersey | Standard package

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