Interview with DC2B Gabriel Cassetta
Gabriel Cassetta

Gabriel is a Network Spinal student that has a passion for bringing out the best in people to help them achieve their deepest goals and dreams. He gives his whole heart and wisdom with such a soft caring compassion that allows others to feel valued without judgement. Originally aspiring on becoming an M.D. in his undergraduate studies while simultaneously working as a pharmacy technician and paramedic, his own personal journey though health and healing changed when he realized great flaws in the traditional healthcare system's paradigm. His unique observations lead him to demand more from the Healthcare field, ultimately setting him on a quest to objectively discovering the best methods to heal. Ultimately fostering the discovery of his own healing touch and personal calling in life. His own desire to become MORE has helped him be able to connect to and massively help those seeking the best version of themselves through their own unique calling.

Originally coming from a background in technology and corporate communications, Gabriel worked with several major companies before embarking on his healthcare career (Samsung, Charter Spectrum, Alorica, TD Bank and more ). This allowed him to become immersed in the Tech and Communications industries at a very early age and excelled in this field with flying colors. After an experience with a mission trip, Gabriel found a new passion in life: humanitarian healthcare. After having trained under several world renown healers such as Donald Epstein, Brian T. Lumb, Tony Robbins and others, his skill was refined. Gabriel never lost his passion for technology, however, and with the integration of his new passion in health, a new way to serve was born: Natural Healthcare aided by the most advanced Technological advancements in human history.

Gabriel's reason for having passionately worked in the healthcare field for so long has been inspired and driven by one thing: His love of Mission work globally for impoverished peoples, especially children. He has served in Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic. And the list continues to grow! He puts a strong emphasis on results because in the mission field he feels there is no time for anything less. He yearns for a more humanitarian and enriched human existence for all souls.

October 21, 2019
Interview with DC2B Gabriel Cassetta

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Where is the Future of Chiropractic Going
  • How technology will tie into that
  • What the profession be like to be unified with celebrating Chiropractic diversity
  • What Humanity and planet Earth will be like to live in 50 years
  • The single BEST thing about Chiropractic
  • ChiroSea-nergy