Interview with Dr. Jack Goss
Jack Goss

I grew up living the chiropractic lifestyle, having the privilege to be adjusted when I was minutes old.  My dad graduated from Sherman in 1988. Although I’m honored  to have grown up in a chiropractic family, it came with a lot of judgment and harassment about my health choices from teachers and classmates growing up as a kid. I was sidetracked from my initial chiropractic career choice into something more mainstream and publicly accepted. It wasn’t until high school that I realized how fortunate I was to be part of chiropractic, not just being checked at birth, but adopted the chiropractic lifestyle that no other profession really promoted. I eventually circled back to chiropractic as a career choice. I duel enrolled at Life University in October 2013. Began Life’s biology program and then started the DC program at Life as soon as I could, which was July 2015. I graduated in March 2019, and currently practice with my sister in Sterling Heights, Michigan!

September 23, 2019
Interview with Dr. Jack Goss

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Transitioning from student to doctor
  • Choosing a PEAK office
  • What I learned in my PEAK experience
  • Things I’m glad I did as a student that prepared me for practice
  • Things I wish I would have done as a student