Interview with Dr. Michael Scimeca
Michael Scimeca

Dr. Michael graduated from Life University in 1993. During his first year in private practice, he began developing a unique system for addressing the body in a non- therapeutic way, to optimize functionality. For the chiropractic profession, he modified his work to create Neuro-Spinal Integration (NSI), a system of adjusting that organically enhances somatic awareness, body awareness, and body dynamics. He coined the term Thriveapeutics to differentiate his approach (focusing on Neurological Nutrition) from therapeutic approaches that focus on fixing or correcting. Beyond being a self-appointed though leader, Dr. Michael is also a musician, writer, actor, and a tenacious force of positivity who continues to stay on his own cutting edge to make greater contributions to the ever-emerging field of holistic health and wellness.

August 13, 2020
Interview with Dr. Michael Scimeca

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • The Health Paradigm Forward Healing Thriveapeutics
  • The PENT-up Sciences:
  • Integration
  • Leadership Support Network Greaterness
  • Successions