Yoga of Chiropractic Adjusting Seminar
Starts: May 15, 2020
Ends: May 17, 2020
United States
Style of Seminar


Being a Yogi means to be a continuous student with intention and discipline. Yoga is about understanding your body, your breath and your mindset and as the practitioner this is also our duty. This practice is about learning and knowing yourself and living to your fullest potential. It's about awarenessconnection:. It is about  between yourself and others… so you can SERVE MAXIMALLY.  In fact, one of the greatest Chiropractors whoever lived,  Dr. B.J Palmer once said,

“The sincere yogi would make an excellent chiropractor for getting sick well If he had knowledge and ability to correct the intermediary adjustment to restore power of internal innate, to perfect greater understanding."

And that is the information I wish to share with you. To transform into a HOLLOW BONE so that you can connect deeply to the person on your table and then deliver a high level chiropractic adjustment at a higher consciousness.

What attendees will learn

  • Anatomy of the Spine: On Friday Night I’ll dive into a comprehensive mind-body-spine journey discussing diverse regions of the spine based on anthropology, anatomy (traditional, dissectional, sacred, energetic), and Science (neuroscience, stress and wellness physiology. Exploration of the YOC principles of adjusting the spine will be featured in detail.
  • A Whole Spine Chiropractic Approach:  a discussion about the explosion in the volume of new research in the field of biomechanics as it relates to the human spine.
  • Everything you wanted to know and need to know about ARCS, VECTORS, and LINES OF DRIVE through a new relationship with the zygapophyseal joints, discs, muscles, and ligaments.