Interview with Dr. Beth Zogg

Dr. Beth Zogg
Beth Zogg

Dr. Beth Zogg graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Dance in 1991. She earned her doctorate of chiropractic from Life University in 1995 and has practiced in both Georgia and Iowa. Dr. Beth has been an instructor at Life University in Upper Cervical X-Ray Analysis and Thermography and has been a post-graduate instructor in the Thompson Technique. Dr. Beth has also taught Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology at Muscatine Community College in Muscatine, IA.  At this time, Dr. Beth is focused on Chiropractic practice with the exception of teaching a few ballet classes at a local dance studio. Dr. Zogg is the President of the J Clay Thompson Technique Foundation and the Iowa RA for the International Chiropractic Association.

July 28, 2020
Interview with Dr. Beth Zogg

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Thompson Technique
  • Chiropractic Thermography
  • ICA Bylaw changes