Interview with Dr. Brett Jones

Dr. Brett Jones
Brett Jones
  • A visionary, an entrepreneur, a shaman,  a father, a husband, and humble servant of the divine principles of life, Dr. Brett Jones is undoubtedly a rare and unique expression of a human. His artistry takes many forms from working hands on with people through chiropractic adjustments, speaking and teaching internationally, creating online programs that span the globe, educating through workshops and social media, to connecting with his local community.
  • After the tragic and sudden death of his brother at a young age, an event that forever changed the trajectory of his life, he spent years searching outside of self for connection. Struggle, grit, and hardwork propelled him into a collegiate football career in which Dr. Brett witnessed first hand the destructive path of prescription drug abuse and the limitations of the medical model. Looking for an alternative, chiropractic found him. The philosophy of chiropractic, is what set the stage for a life commitment to mastery of self, his craft, and raising the consciousness of humanity.
  • Through his constant pursuit of growth he is no stranger to overcoming the perceived limitations of the mind and body, and facilitating those same kinds of deep transformational experiences for others. A few projects he has had his hand in creating are:
  • The Source Chiropractic - a family empowerment chiropractic office representing unity and diversity (
  • Kairos Training Culture - a global collaborative community dedicated to evolving the art of chiropractic (
  • Kairos Presents - a seminar company sourced in self-development, spiritual awakening, and radical support with a tribe mentality
  • The Healing Immersion Experience - a chiropractic immersive experience to facilitate healing for those whose conditions are not improving with typical chiropractic or allopathic care (
  • Sacred Masculine Podcast- a podcast built for inclusivity of all genders to walk a path in embracing their power in reverence for both feminine and masculine energies
  • META Moon Challenge - Lunar based challenges for SELF-discovery, accountability, and empowerment
  • Dr. Brett’s cultivation of self and ability to curate experiences continues to serve and also transcend the chiropractic profession. This book is the first of many offerings that will continue to bridge the gap between health care professionals, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and the general public.
April 24, 2019
Interview with Dr. Brett Jones

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • 3 Chiropractic Business Myths
  • Doing the Work and Knowing Who You Are
  • His New Book (Know Who The F*ck You Are)