Interview with Dr. Chris Zaino

Dr. Chris Zaino
Chris Zaino

Dr. Zaino is a world-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, and HERO. After winning Mr. America in 1998 and being a leader in the fitness industry, he found himself defying a deadly disease in his late 20's. Dr. Zaino leveraged his experience to establish one of the largest health and wellness clinics in the world, seeing thousands of patients per week (yes, per week), teaching mindset and health principles that has allowed thousands of people to finally receive results where other health and medical systems failed them in the past.

Now an international speaker, author, and mindset expert Dr Zaino has shared his message of wholeness in mind and body over 5000 times. Through Dr Zaino's "Hero Rises", 4 step methodology, he is shifting executives, entrepreneurs, startups, and wellness professionals alike to continue to make an impact on millions, by Embracing the Hero Mindset, Maximizing their Super Powers, Choosing their Vehicle of Influence to serve the world, and Monetizing their message for the Survival of their Legacy.  

The Core Premise of his work is that everybody is born with seeds of greatness and capable of heroic things if given the chance. That each person has the noble qualities inherent in them to drastically shift themselves and this world for the greater good. Dr Zaino seeks to unlock this in each man, woman and child he reaches. Rather than let people silently grieve their potential, he exists to wake up the hero that we know is hidden within each of us.

His message is set to reach hundreds of thousands this year via his social media platforms, and to allow those sleepwalking through life, to awaken. In doing so, each one becomes a Hero, maximizing their dreams and influence, so they can help serve and wake up others at an even higher level. Together each of us can rise to our full Hero potential!

January 22, 2020
Interview with Dr. Chris Zaino

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Insurance- is it worth it?
  • Deciding if you are an associate doc or owner
  • The absolute critical items you must have in order before graduation