Interview with Dr. Devin Vrana

Dr. Devin Vrana
Devin Vrana

Dr. Devin is a woman on a mission from the Heart of America! She was married to an amazing chiropractor, Dr. Joey Vrana. The Chiropractic couple has five vibrantly healthy kids— Roman (15), Jagger & Knox (8 year old twins) and Magnolia & Phoenix (3 year old twins).

She is honored and grateful beyond words to own and serve in a high vibe, high-volume, truth/love/connection-based Chiropractic office in Wichita Kansas. She serves alongside her sister, Dr Hali Banda, and ChiroWarrior CA Tribe—Jes, Jamie & Mary. Dr Devin and her team are whole-heartedly focused and committed to serving as many children, women, men & whole families as possible with extraordinary, world-class Chiropractic care.

Dr. Devin celebrates the gifts of a life with deep, precious roots with her family and practice AND wild-hearted wings that take her all over the world to speak and teach and learn. Her mission in life is to love with all her heart, serve to her highest potential, and fully live all the days of her life!

February 5, 2020
Interview with Dr. Devin Vrana

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Passion and purpose
  • Harmonizing personal and professional life
  • Chasing down dreams/big ideas and living life to its fullest potential
  • The Big Idea