Interview with Dr. Krysti Wick

Dr. Krysti Wick
Krysti Wick

Dr. Krysti Wick has spent the past 11 years building a thriving family practice in Wisconsin that now has a team of Doctors caring for patients every day.  As her practice grew over 400% in the past five years, so did Krysti’s desire to share her story through speaking and mentoring.  Inspiring colleagues to find their strength within and build the practice of their dreams is one of her true passions.

Driven by her son’s traumatic birth injuries, which were quickly resolved through chiropractic, Krysti continues to share the chiropractic message in her community as well as developing her expertise in personal and practice growth.  Her mission to share current growth strategies through speaking and coaching hundreds of chiropractors from multiple countries has resulted in her mentees describing her as “committed, courageous, encouraging, motivating, and the definition of successful.”  Dr. Krysti’s most recent venture, The Illuminated Squad, allows her to assist female DCs in amplifying their strengths and implementing the action steps necessary to race towards their personalized vision of success.

May 8, 2019
Interview with Dr. Krysti Wick

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Mentorship in your transition from student to Doctor
  • Practice before you are in practice
  • Importance of mindset
  • Business knowledge and investing in improving your leadership expertise