Interview with Dr. Ryan and Cassidy Bones

Dr. Ryan and Cassidy Bones
Ryan and Cassidy Bones

Dr. Ryan and Cassidy Bones are all about health, happiness, and success. Owners of Beyond Bones Chiropractic in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID Ryan and Cassidy have been through a lot. A two-time TEDx speaker and former President of chiropractic media company ChiroSushi, Dr. Bones founded Beyond Bones in 2016. Just days after opening he met Cassidy who had helped create and was running a local top-producing real estate team. Together they grew the practice and in just three short years have been named as the Best in North Idaho, left the insurance world for a cash model, and have both been named as a local Top 30 Under 40. Now, they work to help others find their own success through The Club at Sherman College of Chiropractic and Ascension Consulting in their home town. Both sitting on the Board of Directors for the Kootenai County Young Professionals and volunteering for numerous other organizations, Dr. Ryan and Cassidy know what it’s like to be borderline overwhelmed on a daily basis, but also recognize that no one reaches their ultimate potential by playing small!

December 10, 2019
Interview with Dr. Ryan and Cassidy Bones

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Launching a practice right out of school
  • Different phases of the first 3 years in practice
  • How to find and fix mistakes you’ve made in your new young practice
  • Why the Devil is in the details
  • Hiring and Firing
  • Why systems and procedures are crucial