Our Story

Learn more about us, the beginning, and some highlights along the way. Thanks for joining us, and welcome to our Legendary Family!

Our Team

The beginning

April 2007

To keep a long story short, I was 13-years-old when my parents brought me to a chiropractor. At the time I was filled with allergy shots, ADHD medication, and more over-the-counter allergy medicine than you could count. I was a classic case of ‘we’ve tried everything.’ After about 2-months of chiropractic care, my life completely flipped 180 degrees. Compared to what they were, I was practically allergy free. As a family we slowly made the decision to ween me off of the allergy shots, the ADHD medication, and the over-the-counter allergy medicine, and switched to continued chiropractic care first and foremost, and even added some dietary vitamins, minerals to my daily regimen. As the saying goes, ‘the rest is history.’ I was going to be a chiropractor.

Undergraduate Studies

September 2012 - May 2016

I attended and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) with a Bachelor’s of Science with a Kinesiology and Pre-chiropractic emphasis. From the age of 13, I not only knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor, but I knew that it was my duty to help as many people as I could. The obvious was through chiropractic care, both the act of doing it and sharing the innate ability all of our bodies have to heal, and maintain and regulate proper health when clear of neurological interference and what that looks like for them. The less obvious was my passion to help fellow students dig deeper into their understanding and appreciation for chiropractic. This was discovered at UWEC after getting involved with the Pre-chiropractic Club we had on campus and participating over the course of all 4 of my undergraduate years. I became president of the club, and we had the opportunity to show our peers with the common likeness of chiropractic everything you could ever want to know about the profession. We flew in almost every single USA school for them to present to us students, we visited offices to shadow docs and learn the flow, we followed big name chiros on social media, and had past alumni Skype-in and chat about how school was where they were attending. It was the best prospective chiropractic student experience you could dream up. It was unbiased, intentional well-rounded chiropractic education for all prior to stepping foot onto a chiropractic school campus.

Graduate Studies

October 2016 - March 2020

After graduating from UWEC I attended Life University in Marietta, GA. I recently graduated with my Doctorate of Chiropractic as a part of the Winter 2020 class. When I arrived at Life, I began having great conversations with fellow students, and realized that there was a major disconnect. A majority of students didn’t come from the background I came from. They didn’t have the experience, or the exposure for that matter that I was so grateful to have. Right then and there was when the idea for something to help bridge that gap for all chiropractic students began. I wanted to speak to all of them. I wanted to present them with what I had the opportunity of having. About halfway through the program I took my idea and began writing it out. Outlining what this looked like and how it could be presented in order to be most relatable, tangible, and effective.

The Launch of a Big Idea

January 2019

A little over a year from graduation I collected all my notes, all my outlines, all my sketches and I put rubber to the road and officially launched The Legendary Chiropractor in January of 2019. I had the clearest mission and vision for the platform, and continue to carry it with us as we grow every single day. That being, to be the go-to virtual one-stop shop for everything chiropractic. We are actively accomplishing and continuously pursuing this every single day. We have conversations multiple times daily, on our website, YouTube, Facebook page and groups, and Instagram profile about chiropractic, for chiropractic students and recent chiropractic school graduates. This isn’t about me, or for me. This is about chiropractic and the future of this profession. Helping students with chiropractic clarity, whatever that looks like for them is our number one goal. Speaking from first-hand experience, chiropractic students are the most oversold to market, and the most underserved. The Legendary Chiropractor is a community of future chiropractors and current ones that are all on their unique journeys to becoming legendary. We choose to serve the students of this profession.

Direction of Platform

APRIL 2019

The launch of the platform has branched into many different aspects and sectors of media and we are continuously providing value for those involved in the chiropractic profession- prospective students, current students, and doctors. There is something for everyone to benefit from and grow, at whatever stage of their chiropractic journey they are on. One of our main branches of the platform is our #1 rated podcast and Facebook Live Show for chiropractic students and recent chiropractic school graduates. We also write weekly blogs that cover topics from general health and wellness to chiropractic specifics, such as the application process, technique breakdowns, political hot-topics, and important personal development content for our fellow students and recent graduates that may be experiencing overwhelm and/or burnout throughout their journey. All of that is what we consider our Legendary Content.

With Growth Comes Expansion


As The Legendary Chiropractor community was rapidly growing, I was receiving so many positive messages about the content we were putting out, and how we were presenting this platform to the profession. This is when I looked in the mirror and realized, I couldn’t do this for much longer by myself. I needed help. But not just anyone’s help. Chiropractic students, and doctors. People who saw the mission and vision, and agree with it 100%. But not just that, they also saw it as something that was something bigger than themselves, because it is. I threw out a post to begin the conversation of building a team for this platform, and one quickly became evident, and complete. That is the one you can see and get to know below. Each of them are incredible individuals, are all on their own journey’s, but see the bigness of The Legendary Chiropractor and our reach as many voices vs. one. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We are actively choosing to go together, and we welcome you to the Legendary Family with open arms.


Spring 2020

We are just getting into the new year of 2020 in general, and only our second year as The Legendary Chiropractor. With this new year comes many opportunities for growth, one of which is launching our newly developed website and interactive platform to the chiropractic profession. This Spring is only the beta-launch of the site, its functionality, and user experience. In this Beta, we will be promoting some of our incredible new features, such as our several posting boards. Chiropractors will be able to find and post jobs they are hiring for on our Legendary Job Board. Chiropractic students, and doctors will be able to post seminars and conferences of all variations to our Legendary Seminar Board as well. These features will only help better connect students and doctors to exactly what they are looking for through building relationships, networking, and building the chiropractic profession up as a whole, instead of tearing one-another down. There will be something for everyone, and if you feel there isn’t, please share it!

Our Roadmap

The Future

As we are expecting to fully launch this brand-new platform, that you are currently on the Beta of, to the entire chiropractic profession this July of 2020, we are working extremely hard on behind the scenes to make it the best user experience possible with the most efficient and effective functionalities. We support any and all feedback that you have and can always head to our contact page to get in touch with us. We love hearing from our users! With that being said, you can expect Beta updates to include, but not be limited to, one more Legendary Board, a Marketplace, our apparel shop, and much, much more. Please stick around to check it all out, and be sure to share with all of your chiropractic pals. They should definitely be a part of our Legendary Family.

Our Legendary Team
We are dedicated to your success. If you have any questions, reach out!

Johnny Reuter


Meet Johnny!

Johnny is the founder of The Legendary Chiropractor. He began the platform back in January of 2019 with the main mission and vision to better connect students and doctors around the world while creating a virtual one-stop shop for everything chiropractic.

"I recently graduated with my Doctorate of Chiropractic part of the Winter 2020 class from Life University in Marietta, GA. Not only am I in the early stages of chiropractic, but I have placed myself into the entrepreneurial world as well with beginning this platform. This online resource is meant to serve and is serving thousands of prospective chiropractic students, current chiropractic students, recent chiropractic school graduates, and even veteran doctors out in the field!

From an idea that started while in chiropractic school to simply provide fellow students more exposure to the behind the scenes of this incredible profession, to now the #1 chiropractic podcast for students and recent chiropractic school graduates, and one-stop shop to find and post chiropractic related jobs, seminars, mission trips, and marketplace items. The journey has been fun and rewarding so far, and as the saying goes, "we're just getting started."

Liz Hansen

Organization & Scheduling Liaison

Meet Liz!

She is our Organization & Scheduling Liaison. She will become a familiar name and face through running our podcast and Facebook Live interview schedule, as well as general organization in regards to Legendary Chiro events, efforts, and growth.

“My name is Liz, and I was raised as a Chiro Kid and eventually moved away from my childhood chiropractors. As a 23 year old I found myself unable to move my arms, and after a few days it led me to my current chiropractor, boss, and one of my best friends. She took me in as a patient and educated me about the power my body and brain have to heal. She offered me a job and we worked together for 5 1/2 years growing her beautiful practice in Minneapolis, MN! She encouraged me to attend Life University in Marietta, GA where I am currently in 10th of 14 quarters!

I am loving this quarter and diving into training, seminars, and exploring more about where I want to be after I graduate. In my free time (ha!) I love cooking, spending time with friends & family, traveling, reading, and learning. I can also be found eating chocolate at 8AM on the regular as a part of my balanced diet : )”

Eric Effertz

Email Campaign Manager

Meet Eric!

He is our Email Campaign Manager. He will become a familiar name to our email audience by providing value through various forms of content, promotions, and campaigns that assist you along your journey within chiropractic school and beyond.

“My name is Eric Effertz and I graduated in October of 2018 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. As of January 2020, I currently own and operate Effertz Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Inc. The office is located in East Dubuque, Illinois and takes up a majority of my time! Chiropractic and health have become such a passion of mine through the years. Having chiropractors in my family has definitely helped pave the way.

I've learned that health is truly our greatest asset. Without it, you aren't able to enjoy the people you love, the things you love to do, and be the person you want to be. I'm so excited to be a part of The Legendary Chiropractor and provide powerful content, information, and opportunities!”

Vicki Zifteh

Creative Designer & Content Contributor

Meet Vicki!

She is our Creative Designer & Content Contributor. She will be assisting with designing many of the graphics you see come across your feed, as well as sharing her experience and wisdom via our legendary blog content we publish every Sunday.

“My name is Vicki, and I am in my 11th quarter at Palmer Florida. After seven years of searching for purpose in the pharmaceutical industry, I came across a chiropractor who changed my spine and my life forever. That was when I knew chiropractic was my calling.

I am having a blast serving the community at the Palmer Clinic and cannot wait to serve my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida when I graduate in September 2020. Chiropractic is a family affair, as I and my husband Tyler are expecting a little girl in April, and I cannot wait to teach her everything that I love about chiropractic!”

Mike Markowski

Social Media Strategist

Meet Michael!

He is our Social Media Strategist. He will be creating, scheduling, and strategizing our social media accounts, campaigns, and presence from here on out.

“My name is Michael, and I am a 9th trimester student at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Currently, I enjoy my time as a senior clinic intern for Dr. Mitch Mally as well as a Pi Kappa Chi professional fraternity brother. During my time at Palmer, I experienced two road trips, totaling over 15,000 miles and reaching states as far as Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington. These trips put in perspective how traveling to foreign places allows for many new discoveries of opportunities, as well as taught me how to live more in the moment. On these trips, I shadowed different doctors along the way and was able to learn different philosophies. These opportunities enlightened me to pay closer attention to my own personal philosophy and helped build the foundation of my chiropractic views.

My first influential chiropractic experience of an adjustment was after a snowboarding accident of which I had injured my shoulder and back. After recovering from the injuries in a brisk timely manor, I discovered there was more to chiropractic than just feeling or hearing a few twists and pops. My eagerness to learn more about this profession quickly grew into a passion. In my near future I will be graduating in June, 2020 and after this accomplishment I will then return to my hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin to serve the community I grew up in.”

Charles Tucker

Chiropractic School Outreach Coordinator

Meet Charles!

He is our Chiropractic School Outreach Coordinator. He will be assisting with student and administrative outreach to chiropractic schools around the world in order to begin Legendary Chiropractor Societies (LCS) on (or off) campuses worldwide.

“My name is Charles Tucker and I currently attend Sherman College of Chiropractic and will soon begin my final quarter and graduating this June. I currently reside in Fountain Inn, S.C. with my wife Meshe Tucker, our son Caiden, and our dog Ace. We plan to stay in the area to serve this community through Chiropractic.

I’ve always had a heart for helping others, just really didn’t know how I wanted to. I started with Athletic Training very early, but unfortunately feel out of love with it. I went on to receive my certification in Massage Therapyand started working at a chiropractic office. After working and learning under multiple great chiropractors I decided to pursue Chiropractic. God led me to Chiropractic after seeing people regain their life back after receiving care.

Also, recently I have a new appreciation for children being under chiropractic care with him suffering from Acid reflux at a young age. All children should be checked for vertebral subluxation and I want to do just that for my future practice members. I want to continue to expand my knowledge on healing others and promoting overall health and wellness, to help switch the paradigm from Sick Care to Health Care!”

Nicholas Lim

Digital Content Facilitator

Meet Nicholas!

He is our Digital Content Facilitator and will be assisting with the backend research and discovery of how we can better connect with chiropractic students and doctors.

“My name is Nicholas, and I am a 9th trimester student of chiropractic at the fountainhead in Davenport, Iowa. I am a Pi Kappa Chi professional fraternity brother, former technique chairman of the Pi Kappa Chi fraternity house and President of Master, Love & Service club on campus. I am also a member of the Student International Chiropractic association and International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations.

I have taken numerous chiropractic and business seminars, philosophy events around the world and many electives in school that helped me gain a more global perspective of chiropractic beyond the classroom. I have also been to chiropractic mission trips put on by Mission Life International to Dominican Republic and Haiti to serve the less fortunate. I have many natural health & wellness certifications outside of chiropractic notably Jin Shin Jyutsu®. I have taught Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help workshops in Singapore and around the world, and through these experiences it led me to finally find chiropractic, notably through Dr. Terrence Yap (an alumnus of Palmer Davenport) who was a close family friend.

Through extensive mentorship with Dr. Theo Kieu, I have furthered my life purpose in chiropractic to serve humanity wholeheartedly. After graduation, I want to practice in my home country Singapore and serve the people there. Energetic and young, I am committed to helping and serving individuals to achieving the ultimate health and wellness they desire through a holistic natural approach.”

Ryan Sheridan

Web Designer

Meet Ryan!

Ryan is our creative web designer and software genius based out of Austin, Texas. He and Johnny have worked countless hours on this state-of-the-art platform to provide you with the best user experience as humanly possible.